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How to backup DVR video record by USB flash disk?

  • Auteur:Grace
  • Relâchez le:2016-12-09
Here we will show you how to backup DVR video record by USB flash disk for MVTEAM 5 in 1 DVR.
1-Insert a USB flash disk to DVR USB port(pic 1).
pic 1

2-Enter DVR Main menu-->playback,click backup icon(pic 2) will see the USB disk info(pic 3)

pic 2

pic 3

3-Click "backup" in pic 3,will see below pic 4,here you can choose the back up video record type,channles and time.then,click start will see pic 5,after backup finished,will show as pic 6.

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

4-Copy the video records from USB flash dist to computer,the records are .h264 format,so need use the dvr player to play back and covert to .avi format.

1)Install record player sofrware,the software can be download from

2)After install,will see the icon ,double click to open the player,then drag a .h264 video record to the player interface to play it. 

Right click mouse on play interface,will see the "convert to avi" option

Click "convert to AVI",choose the source .h264 video record file and save path for .avi file
Then,click make AVI file,a .avi format video record will be generated.