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How to do When Wifi Camera Offline?

  • Autor:Flora
  • Quelle:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Lassen Sie auf:2017-08-02

Firstly, we know the Wi-Fi cameras use P2P cloud technoogy, that is the Wi-Fi cameras need connect with internet, then it can connect with cloud server. There are many networks in our surroundings, so for the firstly connection, the camera need choose a gateway. And because it uses Wi-Fi wireless connection, then it needs a Wi-Fi router. So to make Wi-Fi camera online, means to make Wi-Fi camera connect with a Wi-Fi router.
Here are some tips:

1.Make sure your Wi-Fi router works in 2.4GHz and camera is in this Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi cameras only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, if your Wi-Fi router connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi SSID. Normmaly, our router is 2.4GHz.

2.Reset Camera
On the back of the cameras, there is reset button. If your camera offline, please press and hold the reset button in 3-5 seconds, and the camera will reconnect to Wi-Fi router. And you just setup the Wi-Fi with your APP V12.

3. Try wired connection if Wi-Fi setup fails
If the camera fails to join the WiFi network, users can try the wired Ethernet connection.
MVTEAM new design H100-C6(1MP) and H100-C8(2MP) have RJ 45 port. Simply running the Ethernet cable between the camera and the Wi-Fi router. Once the camera is accessible, you can switch wired network to Wi-Fi by operating the App.

4. Enable DHCP and Disable MAC filter
Moreover, make sure DHCP is enabled on your router, otherwise the camera can not get IP address automatically and then join the LAN. Your router's settings will block the users to access the camera. For example, users should disable MAC filter function otherwise the camera will not be able to connect to the LAN.

5. Open ports if the router has firewall rules
For school and office routers, they usually have firewall rules to block certain network ports. Hence the network admin needs to login router's web admin page to open the ports. UDP ports (51700, 51880, 51881), TCP port (8787) should be opened if users want to use Yoosee/CoT Pro WiFi cameras.