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Have you bought PAH51/PAH53/PAH55 series DVR from MVTEAM? Do you feel confused about how to backup the video record by USB flash dish ? here we will guide you how to do step by step .

1-Firstly ,please insert a USB flash disk to DVR USB port as below:

2-Enter the Main Menu=>Backup

3-It will show you USB disk information,then please click backup icon.

4-Then you will see interface as below ,here you can choose the backup video record type,channel and time. After choosing all of these , please click “Search”,you will see the item 1 backup contents as below and please click to choose it, then click “Start “ on the bottom right corner.

5-It will show you “Backup Done” after it finishing .

6-Then it means you have been successfully to backup the video to the USB flash disk.