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Based on more than 10 years experience in CCTV business, here we summarize some reasons of NVR problems. If your NVR meet those problems, you can check as below:
Problem 1: The NVR can’t boot up when power on.
1)Input power is not correct
2)Switch power cable is poor connect
3)Switch power is broken
4)Program upgrade caused an error
5)Hard drive damage or hard drive cable issue
6)Front board malfunction
7)The NVR board is broken

Problem 2: NVR will automatically restart or often crash after a few minutes power on
1)Input power is unsteady or under voltage
2)Switch power under voltage
3)Front video signal unsteady
4)Poor heat dissipation, poor operating environment
5)NVR hardware malfunction

Problem 3: Unable to find hard disk after start-up
1)Hard drive power cable haven’t connect
2)Hard drive cable broken
3)Hard drive broken
4)SATA port broken

Problem 4: single channel or different channels or all channels haven’t video output
1)The program does not match and updated the correct program
2)Haven’t connect the equipment
3)Input video single is weak
4)Setting channel protection or screen protection
5)Equipment hardware malfunction

Problem 5: Alarm function is not working, how to do?
1) the alarm setting is not correct
2) the alarm wiring is incorrect
3) the alarm input signal is incorrect
4) A warning device is connected to two circuits at the same time