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How to adjust vari-focal lens of cctv cameras?

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  • Rilasciare il:2017-05-02
Dear MVTEAM customers,do you prefer fixed lens camera or vari-focal lens cameras ?Be honestly,If you are not sure the angle or distance you need for viewing, we will suggest you to choose cameras with vari-focal lens, it will be convenient to adjust lens by yourself base on your need .But some customers feedback they don’t know how to adjust the lens when they receive the cameras.Here we will guide you.

For bullet cctv cameras,usually,there are two screws in the bottom of cameras,one for zoom,and the other for focus as below picture.So when adjust lens for bulllet cameras,don't need open the cameras.
How to adjust the lens of vari-focal lens cctv cameras?

For dome cameras,most cameras also have lens adjusting screws in camera housing,don't need open the cameras.such as MVT-23 and MVT-29 dome cameras.

You need to open the camera housing ,then the buttons for adjusting the lens will be found as below.
This way is applicable for all demo vari-focal lens cameras to adjust the lens .

If you still have any questions,please feel free to contact with us .