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How to do when DVR can not detect hard disk?

  • Autore:May Zhou
  • Rilasciare il:2016-10-18
Do you have the experience on sloving DVR can not detect hard disk problem?If yes,would you like to share your solution with us?In exchange,following we share our experiences at first:

1-Firstly ,we need exclude problem of hard disk.It's simple,use another hard disk to test.
The hard disk for DVR is 3.5” one, the size is same as desk computer hard disk.
Green one usually is for computer, blue one is the professional for surveillance.

2-Second, exclude the problem of power adapter.If the power supply can not provide enough power for DVR,it may cause can not detect problem too.So need use another bigger power one to test.

3-If you have checked there is no problem on hard disk and adapter .Then,considering DVR firmware problem.Need take the picture of version information on DVR and send to your supplier to ask for software for repairing.

4-If DVR still can not detect HDD after updating by software , there may be problem with hardware .If the DVR is from MVTEAM,then we can not help you solve online.and need send the motherboard back to us to repair.

Hope the information above can help you .Any questions and other needs please feel free to contact with us .