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9 important parameters for CCTV Cameras(CCTV Beginner guide)

Grace Liu www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-05-20 14:26:20
The core of cctv cameras is CCD/CMOS sensor,so parameters of cctv cameras are mainly related with the sensor.Right now,most of the CCTV cameras in China market adopt CMOS sensor.Such as MVTEAM AHD Cameras and IP Cameras all adopt CMOS sensor.As a beginner in CCTV business,need learn how to measure the quality of a camera,below 9 parameters will help you to do it.

1-Sensor Size
Lenth of sensor diagonal line, also named camera target area,usually is 1/3 inch or 1/4 inch. Bigger size,better image quality under same pixel.

2-CCD/CMOS pixel 
The main performance of sensor.Right now,in the market,mainly are high definition cameras such as 1MP,1.3MP,2MP,3MP,4MP etc. Higher resolution can show details more clear. 

3-Minimum illumination
Also named sensitivity.It’s the darkest light the sensor need to form normal image.Unit of illumination is LUX. Lower Lux,higher sensitivity. Most MVTEAM brand CCTV cameras are 0.01Lux,can work at dark night.

4-Scan TV System:
PAL or NTSC. It depands on TV system of different country.

5-SNR(Signal Noise Ratio)
Usually is 46db;If reach to 50db,image quality is well,but has litte noise;If reach to 60db,image quality is good,no noise.

6-Power supply
AC 220v,110v,24v; DC 12V,9V. All MVTEAM cctv cameras are 12V DC,because DC is much safe to human than AC.

7-Video output
Usually is 1Vp-p,75Ω ,adopt BNC connector.

8-Lens mount
C or CS.Photographic distance of C and CS mount are different.

There are waterproof bullet house,indoor dome house,some dome house also can be used outdoor.

At present,AHD cameras and IP cameras are mainly products in CCTV market.MVTEAM Technology Co,Ltd is AHD and IP Camera factory in Shenzhen China.If you have any inquiry,welcome to contact us.Click below picture to check all the cameras we produce.