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Do you know what the new technology do Dahua and Hikvision Show in CPSE2017?
Release on2017-11-03The CPSE2017(China Public Security Expo 2017)was held in Shenzhen, China during Oct 29th to Nov 1st., 2017. Do you know what the new technology do ...Read More
How to Choose a Greener Security Camera System?
Release on2017-10-18Recognising the impact your security system can have on the environment is a challenge for everyone, but it’s worth remembering the additional benefi...Read More
Things Need Pay Attention for Different Delivery Ways When Import From China
Release on2017-06-12When you import from China, choose the right way to transport is an important issue. It will decide wether you can receive the goods safe and timely. ...Read More
What Can Security Industry Do For Smart Cities?
Release on2017-06-07Smart city is a complete new concept, to achieve the goal can provide more efficient Urban management for manage department, quality service and broad...Read More
Ten Advantages of Mobile Phone Cloud Monitoring
Release on2017-05-08Nowadays, mobile phone cloud monitoring is in the development of exploration, which has brought a new mode of monitoring alarm and play an important r...Read More
Seven Major Layers of Security Monitoring System
Release on2017-04-19For security monitoring system, according to the different functions of each part, we can divide the whole system into seven layers. First, presentati...Read More
Mobile Monitoring Play an Important Role in the Security Surveillance Industry
Release on2017-04-18Mobile video surveillance is a mobile video image and closely with the security industry.Through the mobile phone or computer to monitor the remote re...Read More
The Development History of CCTV Surveillance Software
Release on2016-11-25The development of CCTV surveillance software is dependent on the evolution of security technology, from the system application can be divided into th...Read More
Ultra HD,Variety,Intelligent and Networked are the developing trend of Video Surveillance
Release on2016-11-09In the past 30 years in China,video surveillance technology has experienced several stages including analog, half-digital, all-digital, network, high-...Read More
What are the Most Popular CCTV Products for Online Shop ?
Release on2016-10-21With the rapid development of E-commerce, nowadays more and more people tend to open a Online shop for selling the items with one-stop service. Genera...Read More
CCTV industry Glossary
Release on2016-09-29There are many glossares in CCTV industry,such as Sensor,DSP,S/N Ratio,TVL,AGC,BLC,DHCP,TCP/IP,DNS etc.How many years have you been in CCTV industry?A...Read More
The Next Big Thing happens in Surveillance Areas are "Soft Biometrics"
Release on2016-08-16Surveillance security systems and smart DVRs have invented for a long while and also known by people with features such as motion detection, scheduled...Read More
Do you live in a safe place?
Release on2016-07-29Whether your residential district has installed cctv camera system? They are analog, HD analog or IP camera system? Do they really work well? Today, a...Read More
The Most Famous Security Industry Exhibition in the World
Release on2016-05-18As we all know that the Exhibition is very important both for the exhibitor and the purchaser.It plays a key role on the business trade around the wor...Read More
Smart Camera was mentioned on 2016 World Consumer Right's Day in China
Release on2016-03-17On 2016 World Consumer Right's Day, CCTV's annual gala focused on consumer products sold in China that have quality issues. Nine products and companie...Read More
Are we audiences or actors under CCTV surveillance?
Release on2016-02-29CCTV surveillance is mainly for warning,monitoring,evidence in security system.But,are you aware of that the 365 days working cameras also record face...Read More
The situation for the HD Analog camera
Release on2015-11-23Now days, in the market, the competition for HD analog cameras are stronger and stronger, HD CVI, HD TVI, HD AHD cameras are the main player in the ma...Read More
Situation for Sony CCD
Release on2015-10-301. Golden time for Sony chipset before 2011. For last 10 years, the Sony chipset is the best choice for all the CCTV factories, before the CCD chipse...Read More