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The situation for the HD Analog camera

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-23 17:50:54
Now days, in the market, the competition for HD analog cameras are stronger and stronger, HD CVI, HD TVI, HD AHD cameras are the main player in the market. And this competition makes the customers hard to choose their products.

In future, the CVI, TVI, AHD cameras maybe can be used together, this will be more helpful for the demand of customers.

But at present, these three technologies are not compatible yet, and for the development of the technology and demand for customers, the correct way is all this HD CCTV can be used in one system, like IP camera, there is Onvif protocol to achieve this function.

1. CVI is Dahua self-developed technology, and it's the earliest technology for HD analog system in the world, before that, there is SDI camera, and it’s digital camera. But since Dahua controls all the technologies, other factory will have no confidence for it, And Dahua is a factory to produce CCTV products, this will make the other factories who produce CVI, no price advantage compare with Dahua. So many factories not follow this technology, since Dahua is a manufacturer also, not to chipset company supply the solution for different factories.

2. TVI, people think it is the technology from Hikvision, this is a misunderstanding, in fact, TVI developed by techpoint company, which is a chipset manufactuer, and this make the TVI technology is more open than CVI.

3. AHD is the technology from nextchip, nextchip is a famous chipset company, so at present the AHD is the most open system.

In the future, whether CVI camera will be compatiable with TVI and AHD, this mostly depended on Dahua company, for techpoint and nextchip, of course they would like to see their chipset can be used together with CVI camera, they are open system, and this will make the demand for the chipset bigger.

At present, the problems is how to distributor the profit, in fact, nextchip has clearly revealed the intention to cooperate with Dahua, Dahua to push their own chipset also face many difficult, in future, maybe these three system can be used together!