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What is Your Countries' Analog Television System? Pal or NTSC?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-23 17:54:08
This is aquestion which salesman will ask you when you make an orderof CCTV Cameras.

PAL, short forPhase Alternating Line, is a color encoding system for analoguetelevision used in broadcast television systems in most countriesbroadcasting at 625-line / 50 field (25 frame) per second(576i).

NTSC, namedafter the National Television System Committee, is the analogtelevision system that was used in most of the Americas (exceptBrazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and French Guiana); Burma;South Korea; Taiwan; Japan; the Philippines; and some Pacificisland nations and territories.

Below, MVTEAM listssome countries television system and related plug type for yourchoices.

Seychelles: PAL, 220V, plug B,D
Russia: PAL, 220V, plug B,G
USA: NTSC, 110V; C, E
Sri Lanka: PAL, 230V, Plug B,D
South Africa: PAL, 220V, PlugsB
Cyprus: PAL, 220V, plug B,D
Poland: PAL, 220V, PlugB
Germany: PAL, 220V, Plug B,G
Israel: PAL, 220V, PlugB
Philippines: NTSC, 220V, C,E
Colombia: NTSC, 110V, Plug C,E
Mauritius: PAL, 220V, Plug B,D
Zambia: NTSC 220V B
Argentina: PAL, 220v, plug A,F,
Singapore: PAL, 220V, Plug B,D
Portugal: PAL, 220V, Plug A,G
Nigeria: PAL, 220V, Plug B,D
Chile: NTSC, 220V, PlugB
Kazakhstan: PAL, 220V, plug B andG
Thailand: PAL, 220V, plugB
Canada: NTSC, 110V, plug C, plugE
Greece: PAL, 230V, plugB
Japan: NTSC, 100V, plugC
Jordan: PAL, 220V, plug B,D
Netherlands: PAL, 220V, plug B,G
Denmark: PAL, 220V, plugB
Ireland: PAL, 220V, PlugD
Malta: PAL, 220V, Plug B,D
Spain: PAL, 220V, plug B
Sweden: PAL, 220V, Plug B,G
Italy: PAL, 220V, Plug B
Australia: PAL, 220V, Plug A,F
India: PAL, 220V, Plug B,G
Slovakia: PAL, 220V, Plug B,G
Switzerland: PAL, 220V, plugB
Syria: PAL, 220V, Plug B
Saudi Arabia: NTSC, 110V, plug B orE
New Zealand: PAL, 220V,F
Malaysia: PAL, 220V, B
Iran: PAL, 220V, plug B
Panama: NTSC, 110V, plug C orE
UAE: PAL, 220V, plug B
Mexico: NTSC, 110V, plug C,E
Brazil: NTSC, Plug C, E
Peru: NTSC, 220V, plugE