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What's white balance?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-23 17:56:31

Do you know what’s white balance? If not,today you will know it from this article.:-)

White balance,literally understanding white balance.So what is white? This involves some knowledge of color, white refers to people's eyes light reflection due to blue, green and red lights are the same proportions and has a certain brightness visual reaction formation.We all know that white light is made of red, orange, yellow, green,cyan, blue, purple, consisting of seven kinds of shade, and in turn these seven shade of red, green, and blue mixed in different proportions to form, when one kind of light the same proportion of the three primary color components, when the habit known as achromatic, black, white, gray, gold and silver are the reflected light is achromatic. White is popular understanding does not contain ingredients color brightness. Inherent in the human eye to see the color white or other colors with the object itself, the color temperature of the light source, the reflection or transmission characteristics of the object, the human visual sensors, and many other factors, give a simple example, when colored light shines Consumers when the color of objects, objects reflect light the same color as the color of the incident light,red light under both red white object, two or more colored light when illuminated while the achromatic object, the object color is additive color effects, such as red and green illuminated white object while the object is yellow. When light shines on colored object, the object was a subtractive color effects. Such as yellow objects presented in the article red light, showing green in the blue light irradiation, showing a gray or black in the blue light irradiation.

The camera's white balance simply means that the image formed so that the white is still white. Because the human eye has a unique adaptability, so that we sometimes can not detect changes in color temperature. For example, under tungsten spent a long time, and not feel under reddish white tungsten, tungsten if suddenly changed fluorescentlighting, you will feel the White found a reddish color, but a feeling we can only continue for a while. Sensor cameras and cannot be as adaptable as the human eye, so if the color of the camera to adjust the color temperature of the lighting scene is inconsistent with the cast will occur. So what is the balance it? White is the color temperature for different conditions, by adjusting the color of the circuit inside the camera to shoot out of the image so that off set cast, closer to the human visualhabits. White balance can be simply understood as in any color temperature, standard white camera lens captured after adjustment circuit, still white after making imaging. This is a recurring situation, but not all, white balance adjustment is actually inside the camera through the circuit (changing blue, green, red three Sensor level balance between) the reflected light to the lens arepresented for cancellation color. If reddish shade to adjust thewhite balance, so that the image on the shade for achromatic, while other scenes will be bluish color (complementary colors).

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