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What Can Security Industry Do For Smart Cities?

Zebra www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-06-07 13:52:12
Smart city is a complete new concept, to achieve the goal can provide more efficient Urban management for manage department, quality service and broad innovation space for entrepreneur, better life for citizen. 
What Can Security Industry Do For Smart Cities?
Security Industry is one of the infrastructure of smart city, and what can security industry do for smart city? Obviously, it is a big topic. Security Industry has developed for many years, Smart city consists of many construction unit, There are many intersections between them, such as: Smart  Campus, Smart Medicine, Smart  Education etc . But for now, the most prominent areas of construction concentrated in the Safe City, Intelligent Transportation and intellectual community.  
What Can Security Industry Do For Smart Cities?
Construction of smart City Start from Safe City
The reason why the security industry has the current prosperity, mostly from the Safe City , therefore, Safe City construction ,thanks to the Security Industry technology development. The foundation of the construction of Smart  City is the development of Safe City.

Intelligent Transportation Benefit From Smart  City Construction
Security Industry contributes greatly to Intelligent Transportation, like Visual traffic control, Intelligent violation of capture, road monitoring IPC equipment etc. Here we’d like to introduce one model of PTZ Camera MVT-AHO705, it can remote view for a very long distance, mostly used for large-scale monitoring.

Intellectual Community, Security Industry new growth Point 
Community is the cell of a city, therefore, Intellectual Community is an important part of Wisdom City. With the Smart  City concept came into being, The Smart  of the community is in China's urbanization trend, but also the security industry, another growth pole and way out.Under the China’s urbanization, Smart  community came into being with the concept of Smart City.

Security Industry plays an important role in the construction of smart city. It’s very challenging for us to keep pace with the development of the modern society.

MVTEAM has been engaged in security industry more than 10 years. We mainly produce megapixel ahd cameras, IP cameras, wifi smart cloud ip camera, 5-in-1 hybrid dvr etc. Our products are widely used in smart city project. If you have any inquiry about the the cctv products, welcome to let us know.

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