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Seven Major Layers of Security Monitoring System

Cassiel www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-04-19 12:00:57
For security monitoring system, according to the different functions of each part, we can divide the whole system into seven layers.
Seven Major Layers of Security Monitoring System
First, presentation Layer
The Presentation Layer can be felt directly, it shows the quality of the entire security monitoring system. Such as monitor TV wall, monitor, High-pitched alarm horn, Alarm automatic dial-up telephone etc. all belong to this layer.

Second, control layer
Control layer is the center of the entire security monitoring system, it is the clearest indication of system technology level . Usually there are two ways to control - analog control and digital control. For small project, the cost of analog control is low and the failure rate is small. But for large and medium-sized security monitoring system, it’s more wise to choose digital control. Digital control take the industrial computer as control core of monitoring system , it will change complex analog control operation into a simple mouse click operation, the huge analog controller stack will be reduced to an industrial computer, the complex and large number of control cables change to a serial telephone line. It allows remote monitoring into a reality, makes it possible for the Internet remote monitoring .But the digital control is not so perfect, the control of the host price is very expensive and the module wasted, the system may appear all line broken down crisis , control is lagging behind and so the problem still exists. DVR,NVR and Computers are belong to the control layer.

Third, processing layer
The processing layer may be called the audio and video processing layer, it will send the audio and video signals to be dealed with the distribution, amplification, segmentation and so on, presentation layer and control layer to be connected organic . Audio and video distributors, audio and video amplifiers, video dividers, audio and video switches, and so on equipment belong to this layer.

Fourth, transmission layer
The transmission layer is equivalent to the blood of the security monitoring system. In the small security monitoring system, our most common transmission layer equipment is the video cable, audio cable, for the long-distance monitoring system, we often use the radio frequency line, microwave, for remote monitoring, we usually use the Internet --- a cheap carrier. It is worth mentioning that the emerging transport layer media - cable / fiber. Most people have a misunderstanding in the digital security monitoring , they think the control layer to use the digital control of the security monitoring system is the digital security monitoring system, it is not. Pure digital security monitoring system transmission medium must be a network cable or fiber.

Fifth, executive layer
Execution layer is the command object we control the instruction, at some point, it is not very good to apart with support and collection layer what we will say later, we think that the controlled object is the execution layer equipment. Such as: PTZ, lens, decoder, ball and so on.

Sixth, support layer
As the name suggests, the support layer is used for back-end equipment support, protection and support the acquisition layer, the implementation of layer equipment. It includes a bracket, a protective cover, and so on.

Seventh, collection layer
The collection layer is the key factor in the quality of the security monitoring system as well as the biggest cost of the system. It includes lens,cameras, alarms etc.

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