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Things need pay attention when choose hybrid DVR

Zebra www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-04-20 16:02:30
Things need pay attention when choose hybrid DVR
The access and forward ability for IP Cameras
At first, you need pay attention to the access and forward ability for IP Cameras.For example:It can meet how many channels 1080P high definition access and how many channels 1080P HD remote view. The point is easier to understand, but have to notice the network capacity.HD network video network occupies more bandwidth, 1CH 1080p video often needs 6-8Mbps network bandwidth, 1CH 720p video often needs 3-4Mbps network bandwidth.In the choice of hybrid DVR, not only need pay attention to the IP camera access capabilities, but also need to confirm the hybrid DVR network throughput.

High-definition application ability
According to consumer video applications, the requirements of video clarity is an eternal topic. Security video surveillance, "HD" demands are mentioned more and more . Full compatibility for HD, force people to require more ability to video surveillance product. That is to say, not only
requires network video capture is high-definition, storage, preview display, playback also need to be high-definition.At present, the mainstream hybrid DVR, usually have HDMI high-definition
output , so they can have high-definition display capabilities, we also need to consider the mixed DVR video processing capabilities at this moment, that is, how many high-definition video support HD decoding display, how many high-definition video support Synchronous playback, it’s also a key parameter to measure the performance of hybrid DVR.

Compatibility for different solution IP Cameras
At the same time, in reality, especially the staging project, or transformation project, often need to access multiple brands of network cameras, so the compatibility of hybrid DVR for multi brand network camera is also need to be considered.In view of the network camera access’ usability, whether can support network camera automatically search to add, simple configuration, etc., also
need to be considered in actual application.On the one hand, with the development of high definition network cameras and other security products, network cameras, hybrid DVR, NVR has been greatly developed, on the other hand, we also recognize the network camera access and management of the industry lack uniform standards.Lacking recognition of the network video surveillance system makes most customers confusion instead of various options. Hybrid DVR influenced more or less.From the perspective of monitoring the practical application, the network
access not only need to access the network video, but also need to complete the video management.

The general network camera management should include the following functions: support to encode parameters through the IP camera and other encoding equipment (resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc.), video input signal parameters (brightness, contrast, color, saturation, etc.) ; Support motion detection (motion detection area, sensitivity), alarm signal (arm time, signal type), video occlusion (occlusion area, sensitivity); Support alarm information and support Operation; support PTZ control for IP camera and Speed dome camera.

Of course, the choice of hybrid DVR is multifaceted, also includes the overall application of security, reliability etc.

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