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Situation for Sony CCD

mvteam www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-10-30 15:17:18

1. Golden time for Sony chipset before 2011.
For last 10 years, the Sony chipset is the best choice for all the CCTV factories, before the CCD chipset like 405,633,409,639, make so much profit for and insist for more than 10 years, 80% global market of security business gained by Sony this time.

2. Another golden time for Sony recently.
In 2011, Sony designed the 611 and 811 chipset, which is very popular and now still using by many customers. And at this period, CMOS chipset get some new members and competitive with Sony CCD chipset.

3. CMOS time.
When CMOS 1089 chipset get into to the market, and later 3089, and later Aptina 139,CCD market get big attack, last year 2014,even the analog camera still gained 60% market in security camera industrial, but the sales for CMOS chipset is 3 times than CCD.

However, some factories still produce the CCD cameras now, since the steady quality and better night image, but the demand for chipset for Sony 611 and 811 is less and less at present.

4. The situation for Sony chipset at present.
Since the demand for Sony chipset is small and small, the Sony chipset maybe stop produce for some time, and now the chipset is hard to get, manufactuers with stock can still produce them, material for next time will be a little long, so if you bought MVTEAM Sony chipset cameras before and still have demand, we suggest you release the order earlier, so we can produce them with our stock, otherwise lead time will be a little long if need to get the material next time.

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