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Things Need Pay Attention for Different Delivery Ways When Import From China

Sunshine www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-06-12 11:37:54
When you import from China, choose the right way to transport is an important issue. It will decide wether you can receive the goods safe and timely. Based on more than 10 years exporting experience, here we summary some things need pay attention for different delviery ways. 
Things Need Pay Attention for Different Delivery Ways When Import From China
By Express
If choose sending the goods by express, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, Fedex, Armex etc. You need remind your supplier notice below special requests for your shipment:
1-DHL and UPS
*Requests commercial invoice in triplicate with the goods
*In some South American countries countries, they don’t accept the goods with batteries. So if you import goods with batteries, please remind your supplier to choose a suitable transport way.
*If sending the goods to Japen, commercial invoice must indicate material and both Chinese and English name.

*Fedex need prepare the commercial invoice in five copies with the goods, and invoices need to provide material and customs code.
*Can not show the Hongkong address, the address and the commercial invoice header can not appear the Hongkong words.

3-Armex and EMS
*Armex requests show material and customs code of each item on commercial invoice, for material, it’s better don’t not show “metal”.
EMS: The gross weight of each package can not exceed 30kg, each shipment only can include one package.

By Air
* The weight of each shipment need up to 45kg.
*The commercial invoice and packing list need in triplicate.
*If the goods are with batteries, need your supplier provide the MSDS report to shipping company.

By Sea
The shipping cost by sea is much cheaper than by expresses and by air, but shipping time is much longer, usually need 30~60days or more. So we suggest ship by sea for shipment with below features:
*Big quantity
*Heavy weight or big size
*Don’t need receive urgently
The B/L( bill of lading) is another important thing need pay attention for by sea shipment, you can choose get the B/L by express or telex release, if choose receive by express, please do keep the B/L well after receiving it. Because without B/L can not pick up the goods, and it's really hard to reapply a B/L.   

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