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The Development History of CCTV Surveillance Software

Grace www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-11-25 15:30:41
The Development History of CCTV Surveillance Software
The development of CCTV surveillance software is dependent on the evolution of security technology, from the system application can be divided into the following stages: 

The first stage: Analog video surveillance system. 
Platform software and video capture cards are deployed together to realize preview, storage and playback analog videos.In this stage,the management scale and  image quality are limited,also can not achieve remote access. 

The second stage: Digital video surveillance system. 
With the integration and embedded of video capture card, all kinds of digital video recorders, codecs and other products appeared, surveillance systems turn into the digital phase.The video storage time and product stability have greatly improved. The functions of video surveillance software has made great progress on the basis of the last stage,also opened the prelude of network monitoring. 

The third stage: Network high definition video surveillance system. 
From SD to HD, from HD to 4K, video surveillance is not satisfied with the visible, but demanding to see more clear.The scale of video surveillance, from the original localization management developed to network clustering. At this stage, video surveillance software has WEB, CLIENT, APP and other application media, the application of various adaptive network design emerged. 

The fourth stage: Industry video surveillance system (current stage). 
Now the video surveillance concept reach a consensus between the consumer side and the production side---how to use video-related technology combined with the characteristics of the user industry to achieve integration of industry, to further expand the application of video surveillance. In this stage, video surveillance software often combined with specific industries, such as police Station, transportation, justice, finance, etc., to provide vertical application experience. 

The fifth stage: Industry cloud system. 
With the popularity of the network, rate increase and the cost down, video surveillance software virtualization, users will no longer need to build, operation and maintenance costs expensive control room, but can directly purchase security products + the corresponding video services.

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