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CMS Introduction Of MVTEAM New UI DVR

Kelly Liang www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-06-03 17:36:37
For new UI DVR, most people focus on its software. Last time we introduced its P2P software Topsview, here we’d like to introduct its CMS, which named “CMS3”. Below is the general interface, devided into 7 parts:
1.Main 6 function module, include “Monitor, Playback, UserManage, DeviceManage, Business, SystemManage”.
2.Multi channel: Support can see upto 64 channel at same time.
3.Device list: display the device added.
4.Online view.
5.Ptz control setting,
6.Tools include colorcontrol, plantask and others.
7.Notification information.
CMS Introduction Of MVTEAM New UI DVR

Below we will main introduce common use function:
1- DeviceManage
There are 2 methods to add device as below:
CMS Introduction Of MVTEAM New UI DVR

2- Playback:
CMS Introduction Of MVTEAM New UI DVR

3- SystemManage:
CMS Introduction Of MVTEAM New UI DVR

For more details, welcome to test our new UI DVR to expenrience it.

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