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How Much You Know 960H?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-12 11:41:35

What’s 960H?

960H is an upgrading version of horizontal resolution comparing to D1(704X576), whose resolution reaches 960X576(PAL) or 960X480(NTSC).

The background of 960H

The analog surveillance, as we know applies the Technical specification of TV mainly containing PAL and NTSC. It adapts the interlace scan which means the vertical resolution. Generally speaking, the highest vertical resolution would be 625 TVL and It is impossible for analog to improve the vertical resolution except the horizontal resolution.

Besides, the Video image has stayed the level of D1 standard definition for years, while it can not meet the needs of HD video so that people did not believe it may earn a good share on market. Under such a adverse situation, Sony released a camera solution named Effio series that upgraded the resolution up to 700TVL. The successful technology reminded people that analog camera is able to be HD camera like IPC and CVI camera,SDI camera. Since then the public came to have belief on HD Analog, under this condition, as a core component of surveillance system, digital video recorder(DVR) have to adapting the hd analog trend applying the 960H to improve decoding and video image.

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