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How does UTP Video balun Work?

  • Author:mvteam
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-11

UTP Video Balun refers to a equipment that match used the unshielded twisted pair to transmit video, audio, power, data when wiring works in a video surveillance system.

Below are the mainly notices when use the video balun:

1) CCTV video balun work with Cat 5 cable, instead of coaxial cable.

2) UTP video balun should use in pairs, one is in camera side, another is in DVR side. And usually 1pc Cat 5 cable can split to connect max 4pcs camera when only transmit the camera video.

3) Video balun includes passive video balun and active video balun.

   a- Passive video balun don't need the power adaptor to work, can transmit max 400m for video, and max 100m for video+power or video+audio+power.

   b- Active video balun need the matched power adaptor to work, can transmit video max 2000m.

The connecting diagram for CCTV camera + video balun + DVR is following for your reference.

The UTP video balun is used widely to transmit the video,as the cost of video balun and Cat 5 cable is cheaper than coaxial cable.