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How to Backup NVR Video Record by USB Flash Drive?

  • Author:Eileen
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2017-06-27
MVTEAM CCTV system are designed to overwrite. If its capacity is already full, the previous video records will be erased. so if you want to keep the records, you need backup them to other storage devices. We had introduced how to backup video records via USB flash disk and CMS software for MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVRs. And today, we will introduce how to backup MVTEAM NVR video record by USB flash drive. Steps as below:
1-Insert a USB flash disk to NVR USB port.

2-Enter NVR Main Menu, click “ Playback &Backup ” icon.

3. Select a short video and play, then click “ Backup”.

4- You will see usb disk information that you insert, choose Channel, Record type and Start/End time(you need to backup), select usb device, then click “ Backup Start ”.

5. Then it will show like following, click “OK”, video begin backup.

6. After finish, it will show you “Backup completed successfully”, that means
NVR video has been backup to the USB flash disk.

7.Copy the video records from USB flash disk to computer, the videos are AVI format, you can play them by video player.