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How to Choose Switch for 720P/1080P IP Cameras? Fast(10/100M) or Gigabit?

Grace www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-10-08 11:06:48
Switch is a necessary part in IP camera system. Choose the proper switches can make the IP system work with the best performance and save the unnecessary cost. Here we will talk about how to choose the correct switches for a small 720P/1080P IP system.

First of all, we have to figure out how much bandwidth each channel occupies.
720P IP Camera, the main stream is 2 ~ 3M, the sub-stream is 0.8 ~ 1M, total about 4M.
1080P IP Camera, the main stream is 4 ~ 6M, the sub-stream is 0.8 ~ 1M, total about 7M.

Second, to clarify the bandwidth capacity of switch , we usually use 100M switches or Gigabit switches. The actual bandwidth is only 60% to 70% of the theoretical value, so their total bandwidth capacity is roughly 60Mbps or 600Mbps.

Thirdly, from the network topology, a LAN is usually 2~3 layers. The end which connect cameras is the access layer, usually using a 10/100M switch is enough, unless you connect a lot of cameras on a switch. The pooling layer, the core layer will be based on how many cameras are converged on the switch, the calculation as below:

720P IP camera, less then 15 channels could use 10/100M switch, more than 15 channels use Gigabit switch.
1080P IP cameras, less then 8 channels use 100M switch, more than 8 channels use Gigabit switch.

Hope this post could help you clear about how to choose switch for your IP system. MVTEAM is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CCTV Surveillance & DVR equipments. Our main products are IP cameras, ahd cameras, hybrid dvrs and wifi smart home cameras. If you have any inquiry about thoes products,welcome to contact us.