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How to Remote Backup DVR Video Records by Client Software?

Grace www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-12-19 17:12:16
Last week we shared the article about how to backup dvr video records by USB flash disk,many friends like and share the article,thank you so much.Today,we will talk about how to backup DVR video records by client software.Every client software should have the function of remote backup the videos which saved in dvrs' hard disks.With this function,users can remote backup video records at anywhere.Here we use MVTEAM 5 in 1 DVR as example show how to backup by client software.

1-Remote connect the DVR to client software on computer.

The client software of our DVR is CMS3.0,you can download it from http://www.mvteamcctv.com/download.html 

2-Set the download path and video format as below.
Click "SystemManage",set "devicerecording path" and choose "AVI" as save record type.

3-Click "Playback" in menu list of CMS,will see options as below:
Device file means the video records in DVR hard disk(we need choose device file).
Local file means the video records which store on computer.

Then,choose the channels,start time and end time,click search results.

Results show as below:
Choose the video you want to download,click download-->OK,will see the download progress bar in download list.

After finishing the download,can found the backup videos at the save path which was set in step 2.

In this way,you can backup video records at anywhere,no need go to monitoring room,no need usb disk,external hard disk etc.It's very convinient,right?

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