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How to centralized supply the power for Security System?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-04-13 11:43:38
Why do we need centralized supply power for security system? Because you not only can centralized control and manage the power supply system , but also can reduce the cable engineering, as well it make the circuit look more artistic. Then how to centralized supply the power for security system?

1-First,you need to know how much the power of all the equipment for centralized installation do you need.
How to centralized supply the power for Security System?
Here we will show you the formula that how to calculate the power of the cameras:
The power of all the cameras=The rated power of all the cameras *1.3*1.3*1.3

2- In addition, the power configuration of the surveillance cameras also need to be paid some other special attention as following :
1)You should need to install one other spare power supply, because when the power supply of cameras has some problem , you can switch it to connect with the spare power supply to avoid all the cameras are in breakdown.

2)Please note don’t connect the farthest camera to the same power supply with the nearest camera together ,because if they are connected to the same power supply , the voltage of power supply will be high, and the nearest cameras will be burnt out, and the farthest one may have no image.

3)If the the distance between cameras and power supply is too far away, you need to provide the higher voltage power supply, for example 30V, 36V and so on, or cameras can not work steadily.

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