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How to configure MVTEAM new solution IP cameras on CMS and IPCtest tool?

Grace www.mvteamcctv.com 2018-01-05 15:02:29
For most IP cameras, if you want to configure them, need input ip address and install plug-ins to the browser, then, can start to view the camera image and configue it. Usually, the plug-ins can't  be installed successfully, users are distressed by the repeated operating. 

To solve this problem, MVTEAM released the new solution ip cameras which support using softwares to view and configue all the features. Users don't need open the camera in browser anymore. In this post, we will show your how to configure MVTEAM new solution IP cameras on softwares--CMS and IPCtest tool. The softwares can be download from http://www.mvteamcctv.com/download.html.
How to configue MVTEAM new solution IP cameras on CMS and IPCtest tool?
Configure IP Camera in CMS
Install CMS on your computer, after add the IP camera to CMS, choose the camera, right click mouse--> choose remote config.

Here you can configure the video, audio, network, encode, alarm, record etc. all the features of a IP camera.

Configure IP Camera by IPCTest 
IPCtest is a more simple software, you don't need install it on computer.
Just open the IPCTest folder and double click theto open the software.
After search and add IP camera, click configure.

Here you can configure all the features of the camera.

For example, open/close the DWDR function as below:

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