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How to do when DVR auto reboot repeatedly?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-05-24 16:06:35
Have you meet the DVR auto reboot problem? Below we will show you how to solve such kind of problem.
1-Please check the voltage of DVR .When the voltage is unstable or lower than standard values,it will make DVR restart automatically. 

2-Please check the power adapter,to make sure the it is enough for DVR.please know the distance between adapter an d DVR  can not be too long ,or the adapter can not supply enough power for DVR,then it can make the DVR restart automatically.

3-If you have install HDD in DVR,then please take the HDD out to check whether the DVR can work normally .If yes,then that is HDD problem .Please know that DVR need to use dedicated HDD,our DVR support the HDD brand of Seagate and Western Digital ,it can not work with ordinary computer's HDD.

4-Please check the cooling system of DVR,if it doesn’t work well cause DVR too heat. It will make DVR restart automatically.

5-Please check the environment around DVR,whether there are some other machines with high power to work .If yes,please take them away to check whether DVR can work normally.

6-If all above ways you have tried,and the DVR still can not work normally ,then there may be some problem with software.For MVTEAM DVRs,you can provide us the version information of DVR, we will give you the software to update DVR.

7-If after updating DVR,it still can not work well ,we think there is some problem with hardware,then it just only can send DVR back to factory for repairing.
Hope above suggestions will help you.Any other questions please feel free to contact with us . 

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