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How to do when there is no image from IP camera?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-03-18 11:28:54
Do you encounter the problem that there is no image when you install IP Cameras. If yes, please don’t worry. Here we will teach you how to exclude every causes.
1-Firstly, please check the power adaptor of IP Cameras, whether the power light is on. Or use other power adaptor to try .Please make sure the IP Cameras is power on.

2-Secondly, please check whether the light of network is flash. Please make sure the IP Cameras connect with network well.

3- Third, if viewing by IE, please check whether the client computer and IP cameras are in the same LAN. Please make sure the network of client computer work well.

4-Then please check whether the controls software of IE has been installed and run. Please make sure the controls software work normally.

5-Then please check whether the aperture of IP Cameras has opened. Please make sure CMOS camera lens can capture the light from outside

6-Finally ,if you want to check whether there is problem with IP cameras, please connect IP cameras with NVR directly (No switch between of them) ,to see whether there is image on the monitor ,if yes, that is not the problem of IP Cameras.

Any more questions about IP Cameras,welcome to check FAQs of MVTEAM IP Cameras.

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