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How to protect cctv surveillance system from being invaded ?

MVTEAM www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-08-31 14:56:20
Some Media reported that those cctv surveillance cameras installed in offices, shops, streets and even houses became the window of monitoring surveillance camera owners via Internet by some people, while the owners are completely unaware.

Some hackers can easily "break" the password of surveillance cameras, or even publish the stolen monitoring video online, which means that all the netizens can see your privacy. Hackers have access to private house and office cameras,it's much easier for them to invade cameras in shops and factories. If you don't want to live under the eyes of global netizens, then you must pay attention to the protection of cameras.

People use surveillance cameras for safety, such as parents buy camera in order to take care of children. But now the cameras become a covert channel to be monitored by hackers.

How to protect cctv surveillance system from being invaded ?
1. Change the default password of the device.
2. Suppliers should guide consumers how to set a password.
3. The password should be changed in time. Complex numbers, letters, and even capitalized letters combination is better.
4. Be sure the firewall is working, and - security software.
5. The router may become the entrance, so choose a high-level security router.

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