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The FAQs for Megapixel IP camera

MVTEAM www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-10-30 16:10:30

The FAQs for Megapixel IP camera

Question 1: No image when IP Camera is connected to the LAN 

A. Check the power supply for IP camera work or not, and IR cut work or not, when cover the lens by your hand, you will hear the switching voice from the IR cut.
B. The IP address for the camera is ok or not, if not, check the network connection, to see if there are problems for the cable,RJ-45 connector, network cards.
C. Check whether there is conflict for IP address of the camera and other devices within the same LAN, check if the host IP address and the IP address of the camera in the same network segment or not.
D. Check if the software you used march the IP camera or not.
E. Replace the computer to check, to see if it's the problems for the graphics.

Question 2: The IP address can search on the software, but when add the device to the APP software, without image.
A. Camera’s IP address and the host's IP address is not in the same network segment,such as camera IP, but Host:, make it in the same segment!
B. There is conflict for the IP address between the IP camera and other device, the check if there is other device use the same IP address as the IP camera.

Questions 3: The image often lost, and returns to normal after the restart.

A. Check the network wiring structure is ok or not, such as not over 100meter, switches connected to many times, normally not over 4 times.
B. Check the version of the camera, updated it into the latest version.

Question 4: It's a little dim for the image of the camera
A. Get into the set menu, adjust the color, adjust the brightness and model of exposure, make it work normal.

Question 5: Infrared cameras overall reddish color during the day time, but it's dark at night.
The main cause of this phenomenon is the switching error for the IR Cut device inside the camera,
Can be corrected by the following method: 

A. Use the IR corrected tool, you can get help from the service department. 

B. Adjust the camera installation environment, make the brightness area of the photoresistor in the camera closed to the monitoring area, if the working place of photoresistor very bright, but monitoring area is dark, camera still think it's day time, it will not change the model to the day model. If the installed place very is complicated, you can install the photoresistor under the camera, to avoid the impact of the coming from the camera housing.

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