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What apps do MVTEAM DVR and NVR use?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-07-11 11:08:37
Different series DVRs use different APPs for viewing on the mobile phone,here we will summarize all the APPs for our DVR/NVR for you.
1)You can download it from the APP market on your phone or on the website :http://www.qmeye.net/English.html 

2)About how to use it ,please check below article: 
How to Achieve the Remote Viewing of DVR?

3)About How to record and find records of QMEYE,please check:
How to find Qmeye video records in PC?

2---VG Lite
1)About the VG Lite, you also can download it freely from APP market on your phone or on the website: http://www.vgweb.net

2)About how to use it ,please check: 
3)on the VG Lite,you also can view video by DDNS. About how to set it,please check:
How to remote viewing by DDNS on Mobile App VG Lite?

4)The website as below will show you how to use the VG Lite P2P app to monitor several DVRs at the same time on mobile phone:
How to use mobile App VG Lite to monitor multi DVRs at the same time?

3---N_EYE(Use for our PAH series DVRs)
1)Please download it in APP market on the phone or scan QR code on DVR:

2)About how to use it ,please check:
How to remote view DVR by APP N_EYE on Mobile Phone?

4---TopView(APP for MVTEAM New UI DVR)
1)Please search “Topsview” in the APP market on phone to download it ,or scan QR code on DVR as below to download.

2)About how to use it and the functions it has,please check:
Moblie Phone View APP for MVTEAM New UI DVR

Please know now all our NVRs used VG Lite for viewing on the mobile phone.But for our all old models DVR(AH serise DVR) ,we have QMEYE and VG Lite for optional .Hope this article is usful for you,if you still have any questions please feel free to contact with us .