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What is chinese Spring Festival?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-13 11:38:28
In Feb. 19 Chinese will have our 2015 Spring Festival.
When heard of Spring Festival (春节), have you ever wondered what is Spring Festival?
What Chinese people will do in this biggest holiday?
If yes, here is the answer.

The legend of the origin of “年" (year)
Once upon a time, there was a man-eating monster caller “Nian”(in Chinese “年”). This beast lived deep in the ocean.
It would sleep every day of the year, except on the last day of the Lunar year, when it would come on land to eat man. 
It make everyone lived in terror.

Year after year, on New Year’s eve, all the villagers had to hide in the mountains to take shelter from the beast.

One year on that night, a traveler came to the town, looking for food. But everyone, except an old lady, was in the mountain.
The old lady kindly offered the traveler a simple plate of dumplings.
After his meal, the travel was moved by the old lady’s kindness, so decided to teach her the secret of how to get rid of the New Year beast.

That evening when Nian arrived, all the houses were dark, except the old lady’s. The beast was happy. But when it approached the house…..
Suddenly, welcomed him was the big noise of firecrackers sounds. Nian was frightened, and next the red paper on the door scared Nian even more
Finally, the beast ran off the package as possible as it could.

When the villagers returned, they saw that the old woman was unharmed! Everyone was eager to learn what she had done.
The old woman told them that Nian was afraid of loud noise and the color red.

The next year, the villagers stay up all night, lit firecrackers, red candles all around their house, pasted red paper on their walls and doors, wore red clothing, etc.
That year and every year since, Nian has never returned. This eventually became a tradition and the way to celebrate Chinese New Year.