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Do you know how to calculate the storage space of the record for the NVR / DVR?

Jerry Wang www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-12-07 11:16:16
With the video surveillance go ahead from SD to HD,clear and effective video and more details for video playback is demand by more and more customers, so the request for video storage get higher and higher.

How to calculate the storage space of recording,here we share you the details:
First we need to know some professional word:

1.Bit rate

Bit rate refers to the transmission of bits per second (bit) number. Units is bps (Bit Per Second),
the higher the bit rate, the bigger the data transfer. Bit rate means how many bits per second needed for the encoded (compression)audio and video data, higher the bit rate, quality audio and video, the better,and the encoded file is bigger.

2.Data Rate
Data Rate means the flow date for the video file used in unit time,
it's the most important part of the quality control of the encoding audio and video,
with the same resolution,the Data Rate is bigger,the smaller the rate of compression video,the higher for the quality of image.

After these two words clear,it's simple to calculate the storage space of recording.
Expressed by formula will be:
DVR HDD cost calcualte

(Note: T:storage time unit s, G: size of the HDD, L: recording channel,M:Bit rate, B:bit) 

For example:
50ch DVR,recording 30days,with 720p 1.0mp cameras,storage space will be:
Format Bit Rate(K) 1 hour each CH(G) the hours
 for each day
the space for each CH
 for one day(G)
1080p 5120 2.197265625 24 54.734375
720p 3072 1.318359375 24 31.640625
Full D1 2048 0.87890625 24 21.09375
4CIF 1536 0.659179688 24 15.8203125
CIF 512 0.219726563 24 5.2734375
QCIF 128 0.054931641 24 1.3183594

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