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What is the effect H.265 CCTV market?

  • Author:MVTEAM
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-06

With strict attention to the HD market demand, will help H.265, enjoy better.

So what is the H.265 bring us?


1. Will help grow the HD market quickly:

In accordance with the existing test, 1080p only about 1 ~ 2M rate and early plant D1 SD format can only do about 1.5 ~ 2M rate, with H.265 encoding, which for high-definition system the building is a great temptation. On the one hand, for some SD systems were built, almost directly under Upgrade your storage pool capacity unchanged for 1080p full HD system, and for some of the new high-definition system, the system will greatly reduce the cost of storage.

2. Bring more comfortable storage.

H.265 at the rear end, to bring a smaller storage capacity. Resolution of CIF D1 → → → 720p 1080p is the most difficult, increase causes the amount of data storage problems. However, if the H.265 stream is to reduce an original 1000 camera only space for a storage pool, you can now install, 2000 and even more, without increasing the cost for storage. Conversely, if the camera resolution, viewing angle is a couple of times, and then save the same, which is more clear is a great solution. Just think, with 4K cameras shooting video, a video camera capable of being able to cover the area four times the previous 1080p, and for more intelligent analysis enables better protection.


3. Bring faster processing efficiency.

H.265 transmission, delivers faster processing efficiency. When it comes to high-definition systems networking, bandwidth and network stability is very valuable. How to improve faster processing efficiency, existing compression standard has developed a problem. For example, the growing point 1080p HD what. To a rapid expansion of the congestion and storing data security network H.265 also stored the limited bandwidth resources of the world. An analogy, the road network as a security, had the vehicle code for the video streams of the arrival of the security become H.265 jams moment very smooth. Imagine, four-lane highway, the width of the same, when the vehicle is narrowed more than doubled, and immediately became a four-lane 8 lanes, effectively alleviate the congestion problems on the road safety.


4.Improving the efficiency of information exchange.

Under the trend of large networking and the exchange of information between sectors throughout the region especially become important. Current information on the various business units have their own sources of information, it seemed, in the case of an intersection several cameras are installed, so will inevitably result in huge question redundant data information exchange. H.265 video intelligence not only to reduce weight, but also the quality of the video intelligence. Moreover, the benefits of H.265 are brought more clearly, and a camera to take care of a number of business applications, improving quality control, while reducing the distribution (covered in relation to the traditional sector) so that system contains richer video data.