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FAQs of MVTEAM---CCTV Products Supplier

Jane Tan www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-03-25 16:27:54
Q1-Whether MVTEAM provide OEM Service?
Yes, we can, it's no problem for us to printed your logo.
For MVTEAM products, you can choose among MVTEAM Brand, your brand or no neutral.
Q2-What's MVTEAM after-sale service?
First, if you have some technical problem, we have service department provide professional technical support to you at first.If you have defective products at your side, usually we suggest you can collect them and sent back or take them back when you come to China.
Q3-How do you do products testing during production?   
Take an example of camera manufacture process, we have daylight test, black-box test, 
waterproof test, aging test, sample test. 
mvteam cctv camera production flow
And our vandalproof camera also passed the IK10 vandal-proof testing. 
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Q4-For the waterproof test how can you assure the test quality?  
Especially pay attention that many cameras in the market actually don’t have the waterproof  test but ours do have. FIVE steps we do the test:
Step 1. put the whole camera into the cool water for 20 seconds.   
Step 2. Dry the camera with blower.
Step 3. Put camera into HOT water for 20 seconds   
Step 4. Dry the camera again  
Step 5. Image test.
MVTEAM Waterproof test
All of our bullet camera have passed the testing of IP66.
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Q5-What’s the warranty for MVTEAM products?
2 years warranty period after delivery for AHD Camera
1 year warranty period for IP camera, AHD DVR……

Q6-What's the main Certificate MVTEAM have?
Q7-MVTEAM package box
We have brand box and neutral box, customers can choose based on their demands.
MVTEAM CCTV Products package

Q8-How about shipping?
MVTEAM has a long term cooperated forwarder to help customers shipping the goods,
If you have your own cooperated forwarder, it will be great to use your own forwarder.
shipping way

Q9-Do you attend fairs?   
Yes,every year MVTEAM attend the professional security CCTV fair, we insist more than 6 years already.

If you have more questions about MVTEAM,please kindly notify us freely.