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How Motion Recording Works for Security Camera System?

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2017-09-15
Motion recording can save the recording capacity for your security system, do you know how motion recording works, and how the camera environment affects the motion recording. When you are setting motion detection in camera, you have to be mind of the three things: motion area, sensitivity of the motion detection, and recording period.

Motion area is as important as motion sensitivity, because both determine when the recording start. When setting up motion area, it is very important to limit motion active area in the video, so you can achieve even more save in the recording storage.
How Motion Recording Works for Security Camera System?
Motion sensitivity is not as straight forward as the motion area. Based on your selection, security camera system will use camera’s Field of View, to determine when an object can trigger the motion recording. In example, small area like indoor room or backyard, where the object correctly resented, you can use medium setting of the motion sensitivity range. For large areas like halls, auditorium, or outdoor scenes, the objects in the Field of View of the security camera will be small; because of this, it is necessary for one to use settings that are higher than the middle number, when determining camera’s sensitivity.
How Motion Recording Works for Security Camera System?
Lastly, you can adjust when the motion recording should start and stop. 
How Motion Recording Works for Security Camera System?
Motion detection works best in small areas and it’s fit for residential or retail environment. But for larger area such as outdoor of parking lot or inside warehouse, it is recommended for one to use 24-hour recording setting. The good news is, most security camera system have each channel recording independent from one another. This means, you can use mixture motion detection for some cameras that fit the above criteria, whereas 24-hours for the other cameras.

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