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How does H.265 IP Camera help you save cost?

Flora Li www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-10-19 17:26:48
1.Save your current cost 
How does H.265 IP Camera help you save cost?
A.HDD(Hard Drive Disk) cost
For example: 4 pcs 2MP IP cameras for 1 month, stream: 4096Kbps.
H.264 IP camera need 42G×4×30=5T=1×3T+1×2T, so need 1 pc 3T and 1pc 2T HDD.
H.265 IP camera need 21G×4×30=2.5T, so need 1 pc 3T HDD only, save at least 1 pc 2T HDD cost.

B.Bandwidth cost
With H.264, if you need remote view 3MP HD resolution video, it need 6M uplink bandwidth, which means you can not smoothly remote view HD resolution 3MP video with 4M bandwidth.
With H.265, 4M bandwidth, you can remote view 1 pc of 3MP HD video, 2 pcs of 2MP HD video; with 10M bandwidth, you can remote view 3 pcs of 3MP HD video, 5 pcs of 2MP HD video! 

C. Device cost
You don’t need to use more SATA NVR(H.265 save space) and high cost router(no need high bandwidth).

2.Save your future cost
Now traditional analog cameras have been replaced by HD cameras. H.264 technology has been used in 2003, more than 10 years. Video surveillance need better technology, because people always need better image. If you install new IP camera, H.265 IP camera is your best choice, no need to be upgraded someday.

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