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How much basic knowledge of IP address do you know?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-05-03 10:26:22
Remote view CCTV cameras on computer and mobile phone is a common function in CCTV system,no matter remote view IP Camera,NVR or DVR,all need refer to IP address.Here we'd like to introduce some basic knowledge about IP address.

1-What is the IP address? 
In the current network, the IP address is divided into public IP and private IP address. Public IP is in the Internet use IP address, and private IP address is in LAN using IP address.

2-What is private IP address?
IP address is one kind of special, known as private IP address. Below we try to understand the private IP address.
Due to our current use of IP V4 agreement the limit, now the number of IP address is limited. So, it cannot be in each of the net for computer assigned a public IP. So, in the local area network of each computer can only use private IP address, such as our common 192.168.1. *, is private IP address.
Private IP address is a reserves the IP address. Just use in the local area network, in the Internet is not used.

3-Private IP address range are: large networks medium used in network small network in use

4-What is the IP address segment? 
IP address is four section of digits, for example, have a computer IP is, so 192 is the first paragraph number, 168 is the second paragraph 2 is the third paragraph number, number, 100 is the fourth period of Numbers. We mainly is to see the third paragraph, the third paragraph number is the number two, so is 2 segment of the network IP address;
For another example is 0 segment of the network IP address is one segment of the network IP address is 2 segment of the network IP address is 3 segment of the network IP address

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