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How to avoid interference for wireless surveillance system?

Judy Du www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-10-10 14:32:01
When comes to wireless surveillance,people may think of another word:interference.
Wireless surveillance system bring us convenience, but at the same time also make us fear of interference. 
How to avoid interference for wireless surveillance system?
Outside interference more or less effect the wireless transmission. When monitoring signal is unclear, it may be interference problem.It's not so easy to get get rid of this problem.
The two main interference is from similar equipment and building.How to avoid these two main interference ?

Interference from Similar equipment:
The signal source of this interference signal may be the normal signal source in our system.Due to same or similar frequency, the receiver can not receive the signal or can't receive the same signal,so that the receiving terminal is difficult to identify. In this case, we can adjust the frequency of wireless devices, select a clean channel, or change the location of wireless device transmitter or receiver , pull the distance between devices.

Interference from Buildings: 
Buildings also debilitate the transmission of wireless signal.
When the wireless signal go through an object, its frequency signal will occur a certain refraction, so that the transmission direction will change, and will cause the signal reflection and attenuation.If encounter a metal object during transmission,this will also debilitate the signal.Therefore,when choose the installation location of  wireless device,it's better to avoid blockings between transmitter and receiver,thus the monitoring center can receive high-intensity wireless signal,which enhancing monitoring effect.
How to avoid interference for wireless surveillance system?

For MVTEAM Wireless Surveillance NVR Kit,the wireless distance between camera and nvr can reach to 100m in open space,but if there is barrier between camera and nvr,the distance will be only 30m.
How to avoid interference for wireless surveillance system?

Not all devices have interference on wireless signal.Devices like walkit-talkie, wireless phones,Mobile and Unicom signal tower, don't affect wireless devices.In the case of interference sources, we can adjust the device frequency, or select the installation location away from the interference source, thus greatly reducing the interference of wireless devices.

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