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How to calculate the bandwidth for IP Cameras?

  • Author:Grace Liu
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2016-10-20
The influencing factors of bandwidth
1-Video encoding resolution.
The bit rate is bigger when resolution is higher.For example,under the same conditions, the bit rate of 1080P is higher than 720P. 

2-Video encoding algorithms.
Such as MPEG-4, H.264, H.265,under the same resolution and SNR,the bit rate:H.265

3-Video compression SNR(Signal-Noise Ratio).
Under same image quality, the lower bandwidth cost by the higher SNR.

In the practical application,the bit rate is adjustable,but reducing the bitrate is usually at the expense of image quality or frame rate.

Device Side Bandwidth calculation
In order to achieve the best video effects, we recommend 1CH HD monitoring occupies bandwidth not less than 3Mbps.Details as below:
How to calculate the bandwidth for IP Cameras?
The device side is mainly unload monitor videos, so you need enough upload bandwidth.

Client Side Bandwidth calculation 
Please use the following formula to calculate and estimate whether the bandwidth is sufficient: 
If the connected device is IP camera, usually connect to the IP camera's second code stream or third stream, assuming that the code stream is 1024kbps, 1024kbps / 8 = 128KB / S, which requires 128KB / S download bandwidth.If  the connected device is NVR, also need 128KB / S multiplied by the number of channels.For example,if the bandwidth is 8M, then 8192kbps / 8≈1024kbps, that means at  8M bandwidth and the network in good condition, you can remote connect 8pcs 1024kbps bit rate IP Cameras.The client side mainly downloads the monitoring video to watch, so it needs have enough download bandwidth.

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