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How to choose the Switch for CCTV IP system ?

Jerry Wang www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-01-13 14:19:23
With more and more demand for IP cameras,it's very important to choose right switches when you do the projects.

The key specification for switch:
1.The Bandwidth,it's the maximum amount of data that can transfer between the processor of switch and data bus.

2.Packet forwarding rate,it means the capability of packet forwarding for the port of the switches.

When choose the switches,our suggestion is:
For some big projects,it should be consists of 3 parts:access layer,convergence layer and the core layer.


     Access layer                         Convergence layer                          Core layer

The access layer:
8ch or 16ch of normal 10/100mbps switches will be fine,IP cameras should be better around 8-12pcs.
The real bandwidth of 10/100mbps will be about 50m-70m,for 720p IP camera,better not over than 12pcs of camera,4mpbs*12=48mpbs,otherwise,use the 100/1000mbps switches will be better

The convergence layer:
The request for the switches will be higher than access layer,can choose the 10/100/1000mbps switches with 2 layer,
The switches,10/100mbps port connect to the 10/100mbps switches(access layer) and 10/100/1000mbps port connect with core layer.
The cameras should be around 30pcs for each switch for this layer,
For example,30pcs of 720p IP cameras,bandwidth will be 4mpbs*30=120mpbs

The core layer:
The mostly important layer for the whole system,one side connect with the switches in convergence layer,another side connect with the platforms,storage service,digital matrix and other equipment.10/100/1000mbps switches at least for the core layer,if cameras over than 150pcs,better use gigabit switches.

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