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How to install panoramic surveillance cameras?

Judy Du www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-04-15 11:10:40
The Installation conditions of panoramic camera is similar as the general surveillance cameras. Since panoramic camera is ceiling and wall-mounted, Because of it’s ceiling and wall-mounted, following are some tips to note during installation:

1.Avoid ceiling lamps,indicator lights
When install the Panoramic camera on ceiling, should avoid to be close to chandelier. When there is strong light, the light region will have diffusion. Although the panoramic camera with a wide dynamic range (WDR) and light inhibition (BLC) function, in a wide dynamic and backlight condition, the shading of image edges is not as good as when there is no strong light. And the transformer frequency when the lights start also affect the camera image signal.

2. To set the ceiling installation
Panoramic cameras should be ceiling mounted in the middle position of the monitor area. The captured image of panoramic cameras can be 2-4 flat screen. If not installed in the middle place, the image of monitor area will shift.

3. To avoid air conditioner vents
 If installed close to air conditioner vents,in summer, the panoramic camera lens have mist which is produced by the air conditioner.

4. With the expansion screws
Panoramic camera mounted on mineral fiber ceiling, it is necessary to use expansion screws, not with ordinary screws. In order to isolate the ceiling of electromagnetic interference, the panoramic camera structure has a considerable weight. If don’t use expansion screws,the cameras may fall down after installation.

5. Avoid electric entrance gate
Panoramic camera installation location should avoid the top of electric entrance door. Because the temperature difference will cause condensation droplets for the cameras, and this will affect the video image.

Panoramic cameras can monitor wider area with less cost. MVTEAM panoramic cameras have both IP and AHD system for choices. Welcome contact us to order.