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How to reset AHD DVR Password (PAH53 / 51 /55)?

  • Author:May Zhou
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on :2016-01-11
If you bought the PAH53 / PAH51 / PAH55 series AHD DVR from MVTEAM and unfortunately forget the password .How to do ? Just don’t worry about it. Here we will teach you how to recover the password.
1-Firstly please download the super password software from our website as below:
download reset dvr password tool

2-The operating steps as following:
1) Open "AHD DVR Super password Generator",
superpassword genarator
2) Adjust the date and time consistent with DVR's, click "Product", will generate a super password.
get ahd dvr super password
3) Input the super password to DVR is ok.

It is very easy ,right ?  :-)
But please note: the valid time is 60 minutes, so you need input generated password into DVR within 60 minutes after it produced by "Super password".

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