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How to select a network camera for video surveillance?

Shalyn www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-09-28 12:02:48
One network camera offers you to high definition live video anywhere at any time. Also records video footage in NVRs, Computers, smart phones or PCs. Some smart network cameras even provide amazing functions, like 2-ways intercom, cloud storage, video sharing, auto alarm, motion detection etc. We have to say that network cameras become the indispensable electronics in our daily life. There are a lot of network cameras for selection. I think some guidelines are needed for you when choosing a network camera.

1. Focus on surveillance goal
Rough or delicate Vision. Rough images mean view a scene in general or view the general movements of people. Delicate vision  are vital for identification of persons or objects (e.g.,point-of-sales monitoring, face or license plate recognition). The surveillance goal will decide the mode of view, the location of the camera, and the type of camera/lens required.

2. Coverage area
In a given location, determine the number of interest areas, how much of these areas should be covered and whether the areas are located close to each other or spread apart. The area will decide the type of camera and number of cameras required.

3. Fixed or unfixed lens
An area may be covered by several fixed cameras or a few varifocal cameras. Consider that a adjustable lens camera can provide high detail images and monitor a large area. However, a varifocal camera may offer a brief view of specific part of its area of coverage at a time, while a fixed camera will be able to provide full coverage of its area all the time.

4.Indoor or outdoor usage
Indoor usage. If the camera is placed in indoor environment, like house, bank, school,etc. Should consider the light sensitivity of the camera and whether additional lighting or specialized light such as IR lamps is needed.
Outdoor usage. If place the camera in outdoor environment, then requires protection from dust, rain, humidity or vandalism. So housings are required.

5. Image quality and Resolution
Image quality is one of the most essential factors of each camera, but it is difficult to define and measure it. The best way to determine image quality is to install different cameras and compare the videos. It is a priority to capture moving objects clearly.

6. Open interface and application software
A network camera with a easy open interface enables users to do settings. It is also important that the product is supported by a good application software, because management software can enable easy installation and upgrades of network products.

In order to pick the most suitable network camera for yourself, please follow these guidelines. Hope you will find the right one and secure your life. 

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