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How to setup FTP for MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVR?

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2017-05-24
MVTEAM 5-in-1 hybrid DVRs support FTP upload, when there are alarms such as motion detection, occlusion, loss, external alarm etc., DVR will start record and upload the alarm recording to the FTP server. Here we will show the steps of how to setup FTP updoad.
Step 1: Enter DVR Main Menu-->System setup-->Network-->Net Service, double click FTP.
How to setup FTP for MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVR?
Step2: Enable FTP, input server IP, port, User name, Password, Remote Directory, click OK. 
How to setup FTP for MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVR?
Step 3: Set the record mode to sechdule, FTP need to upload the alarm recording, so need do the correct record setup to make sure  generate alarm recording.
Here we use motion detect alarm setup as example, enable motion detection, configure motion detection parameters, choose record channel and FTP upload. For more details about motion detection setup, please check: How to set motion detection for MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVR?
When the alarm is triggered, DVR will upload the alarm to the specified directory of FTP server.

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