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Monitoring IP Cameras, AHD Camera, Analog Cameras in one Same Screen

  • Author:Selena Lin
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-05

Nowadays, there are many different type security cameras in the market. Therefore, the various CMS software exists to match the different cameras. What's more, HD time is coming. Most users want to update the traditional analog system to HD system. However, they I have already got used to the mobile app and PC software.

How can we achieve to update the system to HD system but not change the APP?

MVTEAM Company It has unified all kinds of the DVRs' menu and software including NVR, AHD DVR, CVI DVR,SDI DVR and analog DVR. Thus you monitor all kinds of cameras by only one mobile APP.

MVTEAM Company's DVR use the Qmeye Cloud Technology software. It supports P2P function which users do not need to set up the DDNS and IP address any more. Remote monitoring in both smart phone and PC can be achieved by only a cloud ID number.

monitoring all cameras in one screen