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Securing the Network to Make Security Cameras Hack-proof

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2017-08-16
Do you know there are websites that broadcast the streams of more than 72k IP cameras? Allowing unfettered access into thousands of homes and properties, the site is meant to show people that an IP camera is incredibly vulnerable if used as a plug and play device. Security camera hacking is one of the worst issues with the IoT (Internet of Things) and it is why you need to take every possible step to make your security cameras hack-proof.

That website that is showing the private feeds from security cameras has been able to gain access using default passwords. This means the first things anyone can do to prevent security camera hacking is to change the default password to one that is unusual, such as complex numbers, letters, and even capitalized letters combination. Know more about password changing at:
You could be monitored if your surveillance devices are NOT password protected
How to change password for Wifi IP Camera?

Of course, security camera hacking is not usually done strictly through hacking the device itself. In fact, the more vulnerable places for security camera hacking are the network you use and the place on the Internet where the stream or footage is “shared”.
Securing the Network to Make Security Cameras Hack-proof
Here we outline the steps for securing the network?
1- Choose a new and strong password that is not the default for your router. If you are using a consumer router, this step is crucial.
2- Consider the encryption, which should be WPA2 and no less.
3- Think about the SSID broadcasting. You may want to shut that off, and if you are a bit on the technical side, you may want to give your different wireless devices their own networks and SSIDs to keep things even more secure.
4-Skip the port forwarding to the IP camera. This is a method by which you can access your home network through another channel, and usually from the outside. it can allow a computer or device on the network (in this case the cameras) to be accessible by computers or devices elsewhere. While it is a common thing done by gamers, if you open this channel to a vulnerable device like a security camera, it could create many potential threats.

The steps to prevent security camera hacking usually begin with securing the network, and then move on to password protecting the cameras, disabling any port forwarding, and updating the firmware for the camera. After read this post, do you know how to defense the security camera hacking? 

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