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The difference between MVTEAM 1080H and 1080P AHD DVR

  • Author:Jerry Wang
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-12-25
Now for the 2MP AHD camera,we have 2 kinds of AHD Hybrid DVR can be used together.
1.1080H AHD Hybrid DVR
1080H Hybrid DVR,AHD resolution is 960*1080, now we have 4ch,8ch,16ch in producing. 
2.1080P AHD Hybrid DVR 
1080P Hybrid DVR,AHD resolution is 1920*1080, now we have 4ch and 8ch in producing.

For analog camera and IP camera,the resolution for them is the same,960H for analog camera and 1080p for IP camera. 
The only difference for them is the resolution for 2MP AHD camera: 
1080H Hybrid DVR work with 2MP AHD camera Demo

1080P Hybrid DVR work with 2MP AHD camera 

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