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Top 5 Indispensable Features for Outdoor Security Cameras

Shalyn www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-12-26 15:22:59
Outdoor security cameras have to be placed in a strategic positions as they need to cover large areas and capture first signs of intrusion.

A good outdoor security camera should have the following features:
1. Infrared Night Vision
Infrared night vision is vital for every cctv cameras, especially outdoor cams. They should be well equipped with excellent IR night vision technology, this feature plays a very important role in capturing a clear image of the intruder at night.MVTEAM outdoor cameras use 12mil IR Leds+brand chipset(Sony,Aptina) will enhance not only photos of night vision, but span life for infrared night vision function.

2.Waterproof / Weatherproof
An outdoor camera has to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, any outdoor cameras must be with this function to be a qualified outdoor camera. An IP rating of 66 (IP66) is considered for best choice.All MVTEAM outdoor cameras are with IP66 Certificate.

3. Vandalism proof
Outdoor cameras usually are with metal bullet housing.In view of those cameras are put outdoor places which lead to be the first target of vandalism by the intrusion. So they must be durable enough that it can withstand hits and sprays and won't be broken so easily. 

4. Image quality
This is the common feature for each security camera. It is always recommended to install high resolution cameras which are producing HD images to give the best possible results. Sometimes, the image quality is also affected by multiple or sharp light situations. So this is about the DWDR function will be come into use.Following is the video record demo of the camera which adpot solution( AR0237+NVP2441H),all MVTEAM outdoor cameras can be made with this solution.
Warmly notice: In order to see the real image quality of the 1080P AHD camera,please set the video image quality to 1080P HD when watch the video.

5. Coverage Range
Another crucial element that will must be considered while selecting an outdoor camera. The viewing range of a security camera means it would be enough to cover the entire distance or not.
It's usually depands on the lens and IR distance.For big area,also can choose PTZ cameras.

Those are the top 5 must have features you should take into consideration while choosing the cameras.