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What should care when choose storage device for security cameras?

Alvin www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-12-27 12:00:45
In the cctv market, there are many storage devices exist mainly the AHD DVR,SDI-DVR,Hybrid DVR,NVR,CVR,NAS,SAS,cloud technology .When choose the camera and the storage device,the compatibility must be considered mostly.Now,we will discuss something about the compatibility between camera and storage device focused on AHD DVR,SDI-DVR,Hybrid DVR,NVR.

1.HD camera + DVR
No matter HDCVI,HDTVI and AHD camera,they must match the same technology DVR.
Because dahua controled the HDCVI technology,so their DVR not support HDCVI and AHD camera,noly HDCVI camera. With the new series of HDTVI or AHD product comes out,they can matched witch the AHD DVR.It is obvious,the DVR and the HD camera need be the same singal technology,then work well.Need to say,MVTEAM had released the hybrid DVR that five in one mode,which means it can match the different cameras such IPC,ahd camera,CVI camera ,TVI camera and analog camera.

Since the standard technology level of SDI-DVR ,it is not exist the compatibility problem.

3.NVR system
When you decide to buy the ip camera from one seller ,you’d better buy the NVR at the same time.
It is advised that the IP camera and NVR should be the same brand ,if they are not the same,then the storage should support ONVIF,PSIA,GB/T 28181,RTSP and so on, what’s more ,it must be tested the compatibility firstly . That’s why we often ask the customer whether also need the NVR .So that is not our sales request but our consideration in compatibility.

4.Compress format
When comes to the Compress format,the camera and the storage device must be the same.for example,when the camera adopt h.265 .Then the storage device also should be h.265.

It will be better the resolution DVR or NVR supported equal or more than the camera .for example,the camera resolution can reach 1.3MP , that means the DVR or NVR should supported equal or more than 1.3MP,or the storage image resolution will not reach to 1.3MP.

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