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Upgrade APP N_eye3C For MVTEAM WiFi Smart Cameras Support Human Tracking

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2019-04-02
Good news. MVTEAM has upgrade the app for wifi smart cameras.
The new app named N_eye3C, it’s with the same interface as V12, but they are different APP.

FAQs About the New APP:

1. Why MVTEAM don’t upgrade the APP based on V12?
Because N_eye3C and V12 are based on different servers, N_eye3C is using Aliyun server, it’s more stable and with servers in many countries all over the world.
Upgrade APP N_eye3C For MVTEAM WiFi Smart Cameras Support Human Tracking
2. What’s the advantage of N_eye3C than V12?
N_eye3C supports PIR human tracking and alarm (VR human alarm). After enable this function, the camera will tracking the human body and prompt voice alarm when there is a humanoid object. It also supports send the alarm to mobile phone. Know details from below video:

3. Which version WiFi smart cameras support the N_eye3C?
Only the wifi smart cameras which MVTEAM factory produce after April 1st 2019 use the APP N_eye3C.

4. I have MVTEAM smart cameras which use V12, can I use N_eye3C to control the cameras?
No, can not. The two APPs are using different servers, the old version cameras don’t support N_eye3C. We will continue to maintain the V12 APP and make sure it works all the time, please don’t worry.

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